Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, 10,500 SF
IMG_0544.jpg Exterior Ontario Home.jpg Enterance Ontario Home.jpg IMG_0634.jpg IMG_0613.jpg IMG_0549.jpg IMG_0593.jpg Elevator Shaft Ontario Home.jpg IMG_0569.jpg

This Collingwood, Ontario, Canada 10,500 Sf timber frame home manufactured by Canadian Timberframes was designed with entertaining in mind. There are 8 bedrooms, a 3,000 sf great room with full music stage at one end & 2,000 sqft indoor pool, a lower level sauna and steam room and a 4 storey elevator. All timbers were up-sized to match the scale of the home, and each timber was left rough circle sawn and given our custom Antiqued finish.