Bill's Ranch Remodel

Bill's Ranch Remodel, 2,100 SF
1.AFTER.FrontHouse.0087.jpg 2.BEFORE.FrontCabin.0068.jpg 3.AFTER.FrontSideDeck.0091.jpg 3.BEFORE.FrontSide.Cabin.1274.jpg 5.AFTER.SideFront.Home.0100.jpg 5.BEFORE.SideFrontViewCabin.1279.jpg

This original cabin was built back in the 1950s by a man retired from the Air Force looking for a place for his family and friends to come visit. 60 years later, the man's son wanted to update and enlarge the existing cabin to fit his growing family and continue his father's legacy.  The original cabin was 1,000 sf and grew to 2,100 sf with this charming remodel.